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Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan & Jeff Mantas of VENOM INC

“I use my Bo-El Big Generator basses which are pure power with the right touch of finesse but as I’m the Demolition Man I need that overwhelming punch that only the combination of Orange and my Bo-El can deliver… To become a proud Orange Artist is beyond my words except to say I’m honoured to represent oldschool & newschool values wrapped in the harmonious and sustainable weight and power torque of Orange!!! The skies are now literally not the limit!!!!!”

– Tony ‘Demolition Man’ Dolan

“I’m all about that classic British Metal sound and the Super Crush 100 delivers the gain and clarity that I require. A simple roll off of guitar volume gives me sparkling cleans which when engaged with my trusty chorus gives a luscious and full tone. For me simplicity is the key and to have the sound I want from such a user friendly amp is a marriage made in . . well, somewhere.”
– Jeff Mantas


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