“There was an Orange backline at Loosey’s in Gainesville, Florida at Fest 10. I was there all day and every band of varying genre sounded great with Orange. That’s what convinced me to try to become an Ambassador when I rejoined the Toasters.

I’m so proud to be a part of the Orange legacy. I know a lot of Orange artists are not playing ska but every time I unpack my rig I think about Tom Petersson, Dixie, Geddy Lee, Glen Hughes, Mastodon, High On Fire… those people are monsters! It inspires me to play my best. I don’t want to let those dudes down!

I finally have the sound I’ve been hearing in my head since I started playing a million years ago. I’m getting a tight punchy sound with just enough hair to make it really fun. It suits my playing style perfectly. I have power for days and the gear is built for war. Any bass player in any type of music that doesn’t try Orange is doing themselves a serious disservice.”



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