“I use Orange amps for many reasons. First, I just love the sound! It’s easy to find the sound you want and almost no matter what your settings are it always sounds good. One other thing, I use a Tiny Terror head and how handy is it to have a head a size of a shoulder bag..?! This is perfect for us in Tiger Bell when we don’t need to bring our whole backline, we just jump on the train, guitar in one hand and Tiny Terror on the shoulder. What I also like with Orange amps is that they have a cool old school design on every product they have.”  Lovisa Thurfjell 

“The best handbag ever! Easy to travel with. Easy to rock.”  Lisa Lofgren

“The Terror Bass is like me, quite small but loud. Also, people can mess up my settings as much as they like and it still sounds great. Love the design and the size. For me it’s perfect.”  Canan Rosen



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