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Ted Kirkpatrick of Tourniquet

“I’ve played and recorded with vintage Orange amps for years, so I couldn’t wait to try their new stuff. I was not disappointed. The TT15JR is a truly amazing amp. The clean tone is great, and the three EQ knobs give you everything from vintage rock to blues. But if you’re into “heavy”, it’s all the possible tones using the gain knob that will blow you away. Due to my passion for classical music, I often write riffs with a lot of notes, producing the “Beethoven meets Frankenstein” sound Tourniquet has become known for. To achieve that, I need an amp that can produce a high gain tone, but still retain the clarity needed for the notes to come through. Orange has that down cold – their amps, cabinets, and even their instrument cables just flat out rule. If you don’t own an Orange yet, you don’t know what you’re missing…”


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