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“From my previous experiences with Orange amps they appear to provide exactly what I look for in an amp. The sound that it can produce helps to give the overall sound a lot of bottom end while still providing enough clarity to be heard at a live performance. Being technologically simple (not having an obtrusive amount of controls) is another welcoming feature of the amps.
One of the main selling points, however, is the vividness and garishness of the design, specifically the loud, rebellious orange coverings. As far as I know, John McVie also used Orange while in Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, which is another plus as he would be rated very high in my influences in terms of bassists.”  Pete O’Hanlon

“I love the dirty sound you can get from Orange amps as it really suits the rough and ready R&B sound I try to produce. The amps have a great range in tone without having an unnecessary amount of control knobs and this appeals to me as it is simple yet effective. Some of my favourite guitarists/bands have used Orange in the past including Jimmy Page and Arctic Monkeys. These are musicians who’s guitar sounds I admire a lot.”   Josh McClorey

“Orange Amps’ vintage look and sound are perfect for what I need in an amp. Their biting tone fits the raunchy blues sound I wish to produce. They are the perfect amps for me.” – Ross Farrelly



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