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“My name is Ricky Tillo. Born in Toronto and grew up in Scarborough, Ontario Canada. I started playing guitar when I was 12. My life changed when I first heard Van Halen’s “Eruption.”I’ve been playing guitar for Lady Gaga since 2010′s Monster Ball Tour. You might also know me from sharing the stage with the likes of Esthero, Divine Brown, Saukrates, Slakah The Beatchld/Art Of Fresh, Roz Bell, Kyprios, Kalan Porter, and Keshia Chante. To name a few of my influences on guitar are Jimi Hendrix, Edward Van Halen, Slash, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Prince, The Edge, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, Tom Morello, Jack White, Mike Einziger, John Mayer, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, Derek Trucks, Duane Allman, John Frusciante, Charlie Hunter, Wes Montgomery, and Wayne Krantz, Put them all in a blender mixed with Soulwax, Justice, MSTRKFT, NIN, and Daft Punk and you’re getting close to what I sound like.

The Orange Thunderverb 200 is the best rock guitar tone I’ve ever heard in my life and my guitar sound is my Les Paul Custom, Thunderverb 200 and Rockerverb 100.”



Websites:    www.
Twitter: @rickytillo