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“I first became aware of Orange Amps when I was 15 years old and saw At The Drive In perform ‘ One Armed Scissor’ on Later with Jools Holland. That performance was a game changer for me, it inspired me to devote my life to playing music that excited me as much as At the Drive In did. I remember at the time moving closer and closer to the TV to try and examine every bit of gear the band were using to create this colossal noise.  The only amps I was familiar with at the time was the solid state Fender combo my dad had kindly bought for me and the Marshall stack my rich friend owned. The Orange stack Omar was playing through stuck out immediately and I had to know more. After researching as much as I could on our dial-up internet connection and finding out about other amazing artists who chose Orange as well, it became my ambition to one day play through one of my own. That dream finally came true 10 years later when i joined ASIWYFA and the band hooked me up with the incredible team at Orange. They have been so kind and helpful to us, hooking us up in UK, Europe and America with the best sounding amps on the planet. There’s a reason why all 3 guitarists in our band use Orange and it’s not just how cool they look! There really is no other amp that packs the punch that Orange do and we get complimented on our sound regularly as a result.”


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