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“From the first note I played on my Orange rig I realized I had found the guitar sound I had been searching for since I was 8 years old. The response was unlike any other amp setup I had every played through. The Dual Dark has all the high end gain that I need, but with full clarity. With only my guitar and a cable plugged in, the tone is incredible to say the least. Low notes shake the walls, fast picking sounds like a machine gun, and leads cut through like a knife. This head covers everything from blues, to rock, all the way to Hardcore/Metal and beyond. The attenuator control is a game changer!  It helps me push the amp as far as I need, all while keeping the volume held back when necessary. The biggest surprise is that channel B is only 3 knobs, and it’s all I need to sound great and get the job done. The PPC412 Angled Cab is the icing on the cake! The vintage 30’s and Orange’s use of heavy quality tone woods make this the best sounding rig I have ever played through! …Don’t believe me?!?! Put your ears right against the speakers and I’ll make you a believer!!!!”


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