‘I was very excited to join Orange as an artist, even before I received my Rocker 32 and Crush Bass 50! They are a brand that not only feel like a family but are trustworthy and extremely approachable. They spent time talking me through my options and helped my come to a very difficult decision, as every product added something special to my sound. Arriving at the versatile and critically acclaimed Rocker 32 seemed like the best option for my style and the venues I’m playing right now and it just makes my electric guitars sing.

When I made the change to the PPC212V, suddenly life just got a little bit easier. Being as light as it is (under 20kg) but without losing any tone quality is just impressive, especially for those that don’t have a team of roadies. I love having a vertical cab in my studio too, it’s much easier to mic and I personally think it just sounds better in the room.”


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