“It can be difficult in a heavy two-guitar band to blend tones while carving out space for each player. The Rockerverb MKIII makes this very easy by highlighting subtle differences in tone, such as between p90s and humbuckers. Even with heavy overdrive, the subtleties aren’t lost. The first time we played as a full band after receiving the amps, our sound was fuller and punchier than ever. It doesn’t hurt that the clean channel is as good as anything else I’ve ever used, either.” – Phil

“This amp is everything you could want as a bass player: big, warm tone, with plenty of headroom. It has a unique character yet its basic controls let you dial in almost any sound. It delivers clean bass and clear mids that allow me to stand out in the mix while still delivering the low end. It’s built great and sounds even better.” – Dan

“I was blown away by the Rockerverb I used at Psycho Las Vegas 2017 and knew I had to have one of my own. It delivers thick, articulate distortion and offers one of the best clean channels on a modern amp. With these amps, my guitar tone is clearer than ever while still retaining the mid-range-heavy snarl that I love.” – Ben


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