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“I bought two brand new Orange AD30TC Combo amps when I first toured the UK and Europe back in 2006. I loved them so much that I shipped both of ’em back home to Los Angeles. When I went back to England again in 2012 with Goldsboro, being we were a one-guitar band, I stepped things up by renting a Rockerverb 100 w/4×12 for that run – which pretty much totally sold me on the Rockerverb. It’s such a satisfying amp. Gets big and loud, pushes air around the stage, but still maintains the detail, and that signature Orange “thing” that I got excited about in the first place. Now, with Buckcherry, I feel like the Rockerverb is helping me to bring my own individual character to a classic two-guitar rock and roll blend, whether I’m playing an SG, or my 335. For me, Orange just delivers like no other amp I’ve played.”


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