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“I now play the Rockerverb 50 MKII with a 4×12 cab on the tour.  I have played the Rockerverb 50 head with a 4×12 since I was in high school, but I decided to try the MKII for this tour, and I love it.    I’ve always loved the creamy sound and the power of the Rockerverb 50.  The clean channel isn’t tinny or thin, and I love the reverb as well.  Using the 50 watt head has allowed me to crank the volume and bring the tubes to a place where they really shine, even in smaller rooms.  The crunch and resonance the amp gives me in the distorted channel is unparalleled, and allows my rhythm playing to be precise, cut through and sustained.   It really creates a great “bed” for the other instruments in the band to lay on top of.   I love that I don’t need any external pedals for distortion, because I’m a firm believer in using distortion straight from the amp.  I love the sturdiness of the cab, and how it connects directly with the stage so I can feel the vibrations.  On this tour, it is the first time I don’t have the amp on stage with me. They are in isolation boxes underneath the stage, but when I hear the recordings and hear the tone in my ears, it still sounds amazing.   Having them in iso boxes allows us to crank the volume a ton as well, so the sound is pure, clear and ballsy, like an Orange is supposed to be.  Plus, I think they look really cute. :-)”



Twitter: @thekatlucas