neiv jpeg


“I’m a keyboards and synthesizers player and I absolutely love to experiment with my own sound. I’ve found a great sound expression using my analog keyboards through the AD30TC Combo, bypassing the d.i. . The result of this experiment is an incredible and personal sound. it is love at first sight…”   Jennie

“I’ve found in the Orange bass amp head the deepness and the right dynamic to improve my own sound. I use different pedals, and the combination of fuzz with the Orange AD200B is huge, without losing any detail.  And together with the OBC810 it is almost tall like me!”  Lorena

“Orange Amps sound has influenced the nature of my own sound because I can get exactly what I’m looking for especially in the clean tone, where I can express cleanness and at the same time determination. When we use the crunch tone we can get exactly the power and the vibe of what we’re searching for, without losing any harmonics or detail of the guitar sound. Simply a must for Neiv sound!”  PJ