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Photo Credit:   Jens Nordstrom

“My first close encounter with an Orange Amps was a couple of years back when I got a Orange OD-120 and 4×12 from my older cousin who used to be in a Swedish 90’s alternative rock group called Whale.  I produce a lot of records with bands and so the first thing I did was to have a band lay down some dubs on choruses in the studio with it. The OD-120 had just that right amount of grit and mids to make the track just pop without sounding fizzy in the top-end like modern hi-gain amps do. It was just very much of a eureka moment for me. The Orange Tone.

I call it the ”wet-snow-factor”. You know on a crisp day when you walk on wet snow? There is something similar to a great sounding tube amp. Great overdrive should come from heavy-ass transformer-tube amps. The more iron in there, the better.”       Gustav

“The first time I heard and saw Orange I think was in a The Hellacopters video back in 2000. What hit me first then was that the Orange amps looked so damn good! And it actually took me a few years before I finally got to play one. It was a vintage head but I don’t remember the specific model. But what I do remember was the most clear sparkle tone that I’ve ever heard. And when I cranked the gain and volume up it felt unreal. It was so tight in the mids and it felt like the amp was one with my right hand and it did just what I wanted. Back then I didn´t have any money so I was pretty bummed-out not to be able to buy the beast.

But let’s fast forward to the present time. I just got my brand new OR100 with the PPC412 cab in black tolex and, damn, it sounds and looks killer!!   I get everything ranging from that nostalgic vintage tone I’m talking about, to the more modern but still distinctive overdrive. Since we tour everything from small to big venues, it’s just a perfect match since you can control how many watts you wanna use.  I can’t say no more than….. my heart is now Orange!!”           Max


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