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” I’m a big fan of mini Oranges, er, the OR-15…epic, the OR-50. These are amps, in my opinion, that are the finest ever made, the benchmark, the NASA Apollo programme if you will of amplifiers.”

“As far as the amp culture or the industry, Orange has done something, I think, far more than it really understands. It’s refused to deviate from a standard, and standards have with them, costs, and the price tag on an Orange is directly proportional to its actual value. It’s the gold of the industry and because they refuse to deviate from the standard and refuse to give in to the notion that cheap is better, they’ve given a standard by which the rest of the industry can adhere to
or to aspire to, you know what I mean? Erm, Orange has made sure that the industry sounds good, sounds clean, sounds pure. I mean the colour of sound is Orange, even Stevie Wonder can tell you that”


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