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“I just recently picked up a VT1000 Valve Tester and it is an amazing little box. With all the tubes I have to go through out here with Fleetwood Mac, it has become one of my most valuable tools and I have used it to test and match over 500 tubes so far in a few months I’ve owned the unit. In that time the Valve Tester has caught 3 brand new tubes that would have been put into regular rotation of factory matched sets and eventually would have failed. I put these tubes in a spare amp just to see if the Valve Tester was correct and to see if I could get them to fail, because I just had to know!! Each of the tubes that tested faulty were either microphonic new out of the box or had internal damage which caused the tube to arc and glow red immediately. I have also been able to match and group all of my preamp tubes that I had lying around that were unmarked or slightly used. This was amazing because I had about 50 preamp tubes that I was just going to throw away because I didn’t know where they came from or if they were going to be any good. Turns out that 5 of them tested bad and the rest were in great condition. Because the Valve Tester tests both halves of the preamp tubes, I can now create completely matched sets of preamp tubes, which I have never been able to do while on the road with a band. It is my favourite electronic device to come out in a very long time and it has already paid for itself in tube matching fees and tubes that I would have simply ended up getting rid of because I didn’t know if they were any good or not.”