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“After hearing an Orange amplifier at DesertFest in London during 2012 I was blown away by the sound and I returned home to Canada in search of an Orange amp for myself.  I decided on the Rockerverb 100 watt head as it has the perfect levels of distortion, gain and mids for the fuzzy sound I was looking for.  The built-in reverb sounds amazing for leads and clean ambient sounds.  The amp provides a perfect tone in combination with my numerous SG’s and is extremely reliable on the road.  The cabinets are very strong and reliable and offer an amazing sound in conjunction with the Rockerverb head.  The tone from the Orange Rockerverb head is second-to-none and will be my head of choice for life. All hail Orange Amplifiers!”  Darty

“Orange has defined guitar tone since the 1960’s.  From my first day playing bass, I knew I wanted an Orange rig to be delivering my vibrations to any listening ears. To be an ambassador is a dream come true.”   Richard


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