“Orange helps my guitar to express every emotion that is played. When I hit a chord or play a lead each note is expressed individually with just as much emotion and aggression as the last. I love my Orange combo, it is the perfect live amp and very easy to haul around. Since being an Orange USA amp user I don’t think I could ever go back to playing on anything else.” – Chris Kalla

“I have always admired other artists who have played Orange, so it is an honor actually being an Orange Artist. Orange brings the purest tones out of my bass that no other bass amplifiers that I have played out of have been able to accomplish, it is THE amp to play a bass out of. Ever since I’ve owned this head, every time I flip that thing on and hit that first note, I’m still floored on how this thing sounds. Perfection!” – Kevin Williams

“The three most important features of my amplifier are Tone, Quality, and Consistency. My Orange is able to produce a wide range of tones that are consistently getting me compliments from other guitars players. The build quality is important for a touring musician because I can’t afford to have my gear breaking on the road. The consistency of the amp of the tone allows my guitar to sound the same in the studio as it does on the road. Other notable features are the simplicity of the controls. I can feel confident that I don’t need to fiddle with hundreds of knobs and switches to get a sound that will work for what I’m looking for. The amp responds well to the dynamics of my playing and really let the sound of my guitar shine through. I wouldn’t even consider playing anything else.” – Chris Wahl



Band Twitter: @crashcoordinate
Chris Kalla Twitter: @hollakallae
Chris Wahl Twitter: @christopherwahl