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“Punk Rock, Malort, and Doners. These are the three things that I love ” Jared

“I’ve always struggled to find the right kind of tone to fit what Counterpunch does specifically and still be left with the versatility to use the same head for anything else I want to do. What I found in my Orange was exactly what I had been searching for all along. Crisp cleans to a good amount of grit on my clean channel, tons of headroom, a valve buffered effects loop, and a dirty channel that gives me anywhere from scooped or driven midrange, low end thump, and beyond imaginable string definition no matter how high the gain. Not to mention the switchable wattage for optimal tube saturation dependent on whatever the situation calls for. One word describes my Orange, and thats versatile. I’m proud to be a part of the Orange family, and can’t wait to continue to unleash this beast-mode tone worldwide” Eric


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