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“After spending a good number of years playing Marshall and Mesa Boogie amplifiers, I always thought that there was a better tone out there. When The Flatliners began writing our new, and fifth, studio album I began tinkering around with many different kinds of amps to get a new sound; Something to rejuvenate the general vibe of the band. Orange beat out every other amp I could get my hands on, and left me with a smile on my face, knowing that I’d found our new sound.”   Chris Cresswell

“Our Singer/Guitarist Chris Cresswell and I have been sniffing around for a way to change things up sonically with our band for a while now. After having seen friends such as The Menzingers, and festivals such as The Fest (Florida) provide entire backlines of Orange gear for a few years now, we were granted our opportunity to dig into that new sound we’ve been looking for. The Orange tone we’ve found matches perfectly to the new songs we have been working on for our upcoming fifth record, and we can’t wait to show the world what we sound like through an Orange amp.”   Scott Brigham

“As a bass player I’ve always found it hard to stand out and have my tone heard. I’ve tried almost every bass rig under the sun, and while I’ve been impressed before, I’ve never been more confident in my tone than I am when I’m playing through an Orange bass rig. There’s a sleek and simple beauty to the way a bass sounds through an Orange – like the combination was just meant to be. I’ve never been happier with the clarity and power of my bass than I am when running it through an Orange.”  Jon Darbey


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