Johnny – “Orange has been my cab of choice since 2006 when I played in my first band in high school.. then I knew very little about gear but I would see the best local bands using them and knew I NEEDED ONE! Now I find myself truly appreciating and loving the tone & quality live & in the studio that only Orange can bring to the table, I play through a 2×12 with the always great sounding vintage 30s, Live I can crank it up to fill a room, and in the studio I can get the exact tone I am looking for the quality that separates Orange from the rest.”

Blake – “I had always wanted a Marshall growing up, but once I joined Capture the Flag Johnny was playing through an Orange 2×12. After some experimentation I knew there was no other choice… Orange was calling my name! I couldn’t deny the British tone cranking out of the speakers especially being heavily influenced by rock n roll. I recently acquired a Tiny Terror and am amazed how much sound that tiny box puts out, plus… it was totally reassuring that it goes to ELEVEN! From all the Oranges I’ve heard and played I have never been let down, it’s quality gear with a great sound.”



Twitter: @Capturethe_flag