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The Vamps


“I’ve always liked the sound of Orange Amps ever since I went to see The Cribs at Reading Festival. Newer bands like The 1975 also manage to produce a great UK Indie tone and make me think Orange are the right amps for me. We are already on a few tours next year and being told we have to travel light. After trying the Tiny Terror I now know that having a portable amp doesn’t have to impact on the quality and volume of my guitar tone.” Brad Will Simpson

“We think that before you even plug into an Orange amplifier, you are presented with a brand that is renowned for a unique sense of quality and efficiency. Whilst Orange amplifiers are undoubtedly recognised as being a top contender for making the best amplifiers in the industry, Orange are also particularly prevalent in the market where other brands fall short; they weave a degree of style and sophistication into their products. We feel that a customer of Orange does not merely purchase an amplifier for the sake of needing such equipment; they are actually attracted to the individual, current, and most importantly, reliable qualities of the company. With regards to sound, Orange amplifiers cover all angles; whether it’s distorting a Gibson SG, or providing a clean twang for a Fender Telecaster, the diverse nature of Orange Amplifiers shadows all other neighboring brands. This is why as a band, Orange amplifiers are the amplifiers for us.” James McVey



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