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Orange Spotlight: Son Of Boar

Orange Spotlight: Son Of Boar

Who are Son Of Boar?

We are Son of Boar, a 5 piece Doom outfit from Bradford, we play heavy Boarbaric wool laden Doom, the band started late in 2017, Adam (guitar), Lyndon (guitar), Luke D (Drums) were in the makings of a band. Shortly after they started Gaz joined the band on bass and Luke O joined on vocals. We had all known each other from around the local scene, playing in bands on the same line ups around the city. The music we play would be best described as Fuzzed out Groovy Doom, it’s dirty and loud but gets your head moving.

What inspires Son Of Boar?

We all have a different favourite band, but bands that are prominent amongst all band members would be Pantera, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Misfits, Orange Goblin. Anything with a groove or sounds filthy! We don’t just listen to Metal and Doom, there is a strong punk and hip hop influence on different members of the band.

What Orange gear is important to Son Of Boar?

Across the band we have a few amps, Gaz has a Terror Bass and  Little Bass Thing! Adam has a Dual Dark 50, he does the main bulk of distortion between the 2 guitars, which the Dual Dark does in spades. If we are travelling Adam uses his Brent Hinds Terror, a whole lotta amp crammed into 15 watts of Orangey goodness. On the other side of the stage is Lyndon, He rocks a TH30 and a CR120, both bring a different sound to the table, and a growing number of cabs. We all kind of fell into Orange, a lot of bands we know use them and the are just really versatile, with our new stuff we are wanting dirty dark tones but we also want some nice ambient clean tones, Orange seem to really give us the best of both.

Future Orange amps?

Gaz – I’m happy with my Terror Bass and Little Bass Thing, I like to keep my rig light and save my back and both give enough power for what I need! Though if you want to make me a signature amp I won’t say no!
Adam – Probably a Dark Terror for my travelling rig, and a Rockerverb, I’m a big Slipknot fan and I heard Jim Root playing one and fell in love with that amp instantly. 
Lyndon – An OR30 would be my next choice to add to my arsenal followed by a Rockerverb, but really I would like them all, when I’m going through the Orange Social Media groups I see the old Orange PA systems and it would be ace to get my hands on one of them.

What does Orange mean to you?

Tough question, we associate Orange with a lot of our favourite bands, seeing them on stage, seeing the stacks and the pilot lights, waiting for bands like Monolord, Sleep or Boris to come on and blow our tiny little mind. The scene we are part of shows a huge love to Orange, we have all used other amps and they just don’t cut it for us, the sound Orange gives us can be really clear and bright or really dark and dirty. It adds to our song writing. We see it as family, as cheesy as that sounds, we can turn up to a show and take our amps out and that will strike up conversations with other bands that use Orange, discussion groups online and forums that are out there just add to the community vibe we get.

What’s the most memorable Son Of Boar moment?

There are so many stories from when we have travelled, whether it be having a cool photo taken outside of Edinburgh castle, in our Denim battle jackets, putting our mean faces on and trying to look as cool as possible, for us to look back (When we got home) and see Adam was holding a bottle of Orange Fanta which ruined the whole picture. We have and NEVER will let him forget that. Other memories make us laugh, like Mooning our Tour Mates, Deadeyes, as we passed them on the motorway, or the pagan baptism in Fellfoot Woods at ‘In A Nutshell’ Festival.

What’s on the horizon for Son Of Boar?

Currently we are not touring, we have a few shows lined up throughout the year but we have mainly been focusing on album number 2. We locked ourselves away and spent a lot of time writing and have more or less finished recording it. Once that is done we would like to get it out and tour then. We have spoken about going over to Europe for the last few years but Covid knocked us back, we are back on it now though and will hopefully be making our way out there next year!

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