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Orange Spotlight: Ritual King

Orange Spotlight: Ritual King

Who are Ritual King?

Ritual King are a 3-piece Hard Rock, Psychedelic, Blues band based in Manchester UK. It’s here where we all met during our studies, but we’ve all shared a deep passion for music. To introduce the band, we have Jordan Leppitt on guitar and lead vocals, Gareth Hodges on drums and backing vocals, then Daniel Godwin on bass with a rhythm guitar split.

Our style of music has been tweaked over the 8 years we’ve been a band, but we see it as more of a development. We’ve learnt what we’re comfortable playing, and what connects best with the people that support our music, however, we aren’t afraid to experiment to keep things interesting. 

What inspires Ritual King?

Collectively we’ve been huge fans of Elder, and ever since Gareth discovered the album Lore, we’ve seen them at multiple shows, bought their merch and listen to their songs on repeat. There are other bands that we take inspiration from, to mention a few there’s Earthless, Weedpecker, Atomic Bitchwax, and King Buffalo, but we still keep to our own style when it comes to our writing process. To be fair, we all listen to a very wide variety of music, and we take inspiration from anything that strikes our interest at the time. For example, Jordan may listen to some folk one day, then change to hip hop the next, and Danny regularly switches between dubstep and funk. .

What Orange gear is important to Ritual King?

Starting with lead guitar, Jordan has the TH100 paired with the PPC412 cab. He’s owned this combination for over 10 years, and even with the limited EQ functionality, it’s still diverse enough for him to create a fuzzed out lead distortion, and a smooth clean tone. The only thing that’s changed with his set-up are his pedals.

For Danny, his first Orange bass amp was an OB1-500, as he wanted use the Bi-amp feature to get a thicker sound, which would fill the spaces whilst Jordan does his solo’s. Now he’s upgraded greatly since then, so he has a AD200 (Paired with OBC410 and OBC115) for his bass, and a split signal into a Crush Pro 120 (Paired with PPC412 cab) for a rhythm guitar effect. It was just an experiment that stuck when it was all pieced together. To describe the sound, the bass tone is very warm with added fuzz to cut through and rumble the floor, but the guitar split has a solid distortion that greatly carries the songs without losing momentum.

Future Orange amps?

As the band start travelling more, we’re probably going to look at some of the more portable options in terms of amps. The Tiny Terrors have always been great amps, or even the Terror Stamp would be a good option. Admittedly we haven’t tried the Orange pedal range as they’re relatively new to us, but they do look very slick. We’re usually very flexible with our gear, as we’re always looking to push our sound to the next step, but we have found that the amps are perfect for diversity.

What does Orange mean to you?

From our perspective Orange has always been at the forefront of best amps to choose from, especially in the heavy rock scene. We feel that this is largely due to the fact it’s always held that retrospective classic rock tone down so well, which ties in superbly with the stoner rock we play.

We also love seeing Orange gear on stage, for sound quality and aesthetics. Aesthetically it’s by far the most beautiful amp on the market & the overall look it can bring to a stage setup is awesome. The 60s/70s retrospective style of the Orange design is brilliant. And the dynamics in sound it will bring to a band is unmatchable. 

What’s the most memorable Ritual King moment?

Collectively I think we’d have to say Freak Valley Festival last June. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to what was our biggest show we’ve ever played as a band. The scene was set so perfectly with the weather being amazing on the day and all the bands and staff being so welcoming. Not only was it the biggest show and the biggest stage we’ve played on too, but we got to meet and share the stage with bands that we’ve listened to for years. We were all nervous but once we were on stage and had settled into our rhythm the nerves were replaced with adrenaline and excitement. The show went down an absolute storm & we had an incredible response from the crowd. We sold out of our merch and went on to have an awesome weekend spectating the incredible line up of FVF 2023.

What’s on the horizon for Ritual King?

This year is already shaping up to be a big one for us. Now that we’ve released our 2nd Album ‘Infinite Mirror’, our first plan is to get on the road and perform more substantial gigs. We finished a run of shows supporting 1000 Mods in April, we’ve also been invited to play festivals around Europe, and way down the line we’re planning a trip to Australia. There’s a bunch more things that’s keeping us busy, but when we get chance, we’ll be looking at writing our 3rd album.

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