Here are the things that are awesome about the above photo

1) the bassist’s eyes
2) the chrome drum kit
3) a whole wall of Orange TONE.

Sometimes you see a video on Youtube and it gets you hooked on a band. This is what happened to me with Order of the Owl. Here’s the video to which I’m referring. The bassist is hunched over spurting out growly echo-drenched vocals whilst pounding on his bass. The guitarist and drummer are equally feverish in how they’re savaging their respective instruments. This joyus sound is all played through a spectacular array of Orange amplifiers. As soon as I saw the video, I knew I needed to talk to this band!

Casey Yarbrough is the guitarist in Order of the Owl as well as the sludge lords Sourvein. Currently living in the same town as our US offices, Casey is an Orange obsessive. We talk to about his gear and why he loves Orange.

Casey with his Orange Retro 50 and OR100

Casey with his Orange Retro 50 and OR100

Firstly Casey, why Orange?
I had played many others amps in my history, and never found exactly what I wanted. I went through a bunch over the years. A good friend of mine had just gotten an old 70’s Orange OR120, and after hearing it, within a week, I sold all my amps and got my hands on my first Orange.

As much as I wanted an OR120, there were none to be found, so I looked at the new Orange amps at Discount Music in Atlanta, GA. The wattage was lower obviously, but I picked up an AD30, and my first Orange 4×12. I was ecstatic at the warmth and character it had. The tones, when cranked especially, so warm and relentless. I played that amp a ton. I then discovered the Retro 50. It just so happened Orange USA gladly helped me find it when there wasn’t one around. I was thrilled at the help and concern a large amp company would offer just an individual musician. Ever since then I really pursued using Orange. When my band Order of the Owl started making a real go at it, a friend sent me to Alex at Orange USA. He warmly responded to a request I sent for an artist deal. I’ve never looked back.

Order of the Owl destroying ear drums live

Order of the Owl destroying ear drums live

Casey, tell us what you current live rig is….
Currently we have multiple stages of our rigs for live shows. Usually I play a white Thunderverb 200, OR100, and an original vintage black OR120, (yeah, I finally found the perfect one.) All of that on 3 matched colour 4×12 cabs.

I recently got my hands on a vintage Orange 4×12 from the early 70’s. Pretty excited about that! [Editors Note: This cab is really nice, after some detective work we narrowed it down to ’73. With a bit of a clean up Casey and some jiggery pokery by Orange USA it’s up and running and Casey is loving it!]

I have a bit of a thing for aesthetics and Brent, Order of the Owl’s bassist, is also into design and appearance so that’s fun. Brent plays a white AD200 on a white Orange 8×10, with a black Thunderverb 200 on a black 4×12 and an orange 4×12. As you guessed it, us being a heavy band, we strive for volume you can feel.

Is your recording rig any different to the above?
I usually always use 3 of the live show heads for tracking, as does Brent.

What is it about your Orange amplifiers & Orange cabinets that you like? Not only sonically but also any comments about how they handle life on the road.
They really are pretty tough and rugged. Solid construction. They handle the incredible volumes quite well. Also the best looking, and classic styled amps available!

How do you like to set the amp up?
Typically on the Thundy (Thunderverb 200) A channel, the treble is at about 2:00, the mids at noon, and the bass usually about cranked. The volume is about 5:00 and the gain about 2:00. On the B side the gain and the volume are both at about 3:00 and the shape at about noon. On the OR100, the A and B are about the same as the Thundy. On the OR120 its almost all dimed except the mids at noon. The Retro 50 changes all the time though.

Anything else you want to add?
I will always be appreciative of how Orange treats everyone. Even the smallest of bands are treated like the big ones. Makes people feel really good about themselves and their music at every level. Plus the guys at Orange world wide are some great people and really supportive of music.

I’d like to thank Casey for this interview. He is a top guy. I’ll admit it, I like to talk gear and bang on about pedal boards, thankfully so does does Casey. He has opened my eyes to lots of new gear! He knows a lot and really appreciate his time!

Check out Casey’s axe strutting brilliance and array of gear…
Casey also plays in Sourverin who are on a US tour starting soon.

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