John “Badge” Chidley preps for an SNL performance

This time we talk to John ‘Badge’ Chidley. Hailing from Long Beach, CA, John has been a tech for ten years. He has worked some of the biggest pop acts of our time. We ask him the usual host of questions.

So, how did you get started?
Only one who had tools and had friends in bands.

Who you have worked with in the past?
Eagles of death metal, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Scissor sisters

Who are you currently working with?
Justin Timberlake

What’s a typical day life for you on tour?
Yelling at people who can not understand basic hand gestures. Followed by a lot of waiting and sometimes telling myself “I hope this works”

With your current artist, what Orange amplifiers and cabinets are being used?
I have always said that Orange makes the best cabs in the world, ’cause they do. The amps are their own monster unto themselves and you have to match the player to the amp. Sometimes the worst players sound amazing through an AD30, sometimes the best sound the worst.

Any stand out products from Orange which you would choose over all the rest?
2×12 cabs

What is it about these amplifiers & cabinets that you like?
Not only sonically but also any noticeable comments about their construction/ability to work and service them. AD30 is my go to from Orange, I know what it can do and how it works. I’m also a HUGE small amp fan. When your playing a large show I was taught that smaller is better. Isolation is key, and when you’re tossing three lines of mics on it and your FOH (Front of House) guy rocks, that 2×12 can sound thunderous. Small amps look cool, so a lot of 2x12s and 1×12 cabs.

The current Orange amps you are working on, are the tubes the stock or do you have a preferred brand? If so, which?
Stock, orange R&D put a lot of time into which tubes sound the best while maintain the proper price point. Who am I to argue.. they always come with quality tubes. I really like RCA tubes, but I need a time machine.

Orange would like to thank John for his time. We know these techs are super busy and are honoured that they take the time to answer our questions.
Written by Damon McCartney

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