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Interview: Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser

It’s been 30 years since you joined Sepultura in 1987, can you tell us a bit about how the music and your sound has developed over the years? It’s developed together with everything else, like all of us growing up as people and traveling the world. We started out at a very young age, looking for pedals […]


International Women’s Day

Writing this article is sort of bitter-sweet. Sweet, because a sick, global company like Orange wants to shine a light on equality – bitter, because it’s 2017 and you’d have thought we’d have the gender equality on lockdown by now. But, sadly, as things are now, with sexist bastards running the world, standing up and […]


How Orange Will Look In 10 Years

It’s often tempting with these kind of crystal ball, ‘look into the future’ type articles to make a load of wild predictions. Robot butlers! Hovercrafts! Universal basic income! The truth is usually, but not always, far more mundane. However we’re living in an age where the pace of technology moves so quickly that it is […]


I Finally Bought An Orange Amp (and this is what happened)

First off, a disclaimer. This article isn’t being written as a hard sell pitch. It’s not a list of reasons why Orange Amps are, in our opinion, magical boxes of wonderment. It’s an honest tale about how a bang average guitarist finally took the plunge and bought some proper gear, and the profound effect it […]