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Summer Music Festival Preview

USA Welcome to Rockville I’m actually driving the backline for Quicksand down to Jacksonville for this festival. That means I’m getting an artist pass. And that, my friends, means I’m just one step closer to my ultimate goal: side stage for Queens of the Stone Age. I’m also stoked for Red Fang and Clutch. And […]


Record Store Day: My (current) Top 10 Records

I’ve been a bit late to the record game – pretty damn late to be honest, but there’s a reason behind it all. My dad was a massive record collector in the 70s, 80’s and early 90s, and had an impressive collection showcasing everything from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Slade, KISS, Ramones, Uriah Heep and […]


Record Store Day Special: Fire Fences

In a day and age where most things are becoming digitalised, it is pure joy and excitement we feel about the growing return of the vinyl after it’s downfall in the early 90s when CDs emerged. Record stores are booming, and it’s actually financially viable to open a record store, and survive! What a time […]


The Pics Only Graphic: Root of the Orange Sound

Adrian Emsley, Technical Director: “The circuit of the Pics Only is markedly different from that of the first Orange amplifiers. Those early Orange amps like the OR200 had the volume in front of the EQ circuitry, whereas the Pics Only had the Baxandall EQ first, then the Gain, and then the phase inverter. What’s more, […]


Bexleyheath assembly-line production

Mick Dines, Bexleyheath Factory Manager: In 1973, as we looked to move from Short’s Gardens, we found a place near James How Industries in Upland Road, Bexleyheath in Kent. James How was our UK distributor at the time, and the firm also manufactured Rotosound strings. During one of our visits to buy strings, we saw […]


Manufacturing Orange before Bexleyheath and Cooper Mathias, LTD

More than forty years on, many Orange and Matamp enthusiasts are mistakenly under the impression that ‘Orange Matamp’ was an amp manufacturer co-owned by Cliff Cooper and Mat Mathias. The black name-plates on the back of the very early amps probably added to the confusion, in that the wording on them implies that Orange Matamp […]